SpinPadGrip™ :
Universal accessory for all tablets and sizes

360 ° rotation & 180 ° incliaison with only 120g and perfect ergonomics.

Ask your angle and adjust the way you want

Keep your tablet as you like

Wear your tablet to go 

Hang your tablet as needed for meetings, videos and other

Fix your spinpadgrip on your tablet

Open the clip,
Place in the middle of your tablet,
put two fingers around the clip,

and close the clip is attached.

Test the fixation..

To remove your tablet

Open the clip,
pull the tab,
remove SpinPadGrip.

The Clean :

If SpinPadGrip comes off, it means that you remove regularly

and a thin layer of dust has settled on AutoGrip.

Clean AutoGrip with water through your fingers
to remove dust to regenerate the power of "sticky".

let dry.



The SpinPAdGrip is scheduled for:
all the tablets of all brands and all sizes.

We tested 3000 possible fasteners.

We tested the product to 16Kg.

As against the product is not compatible with leather and grained surfaces too.